Slim Starter Pack: Go

Attention Go developers!

Optimize and harden your containerized applications the easy way — with Slim.AI.

This Starter Kit will help you proactively remove vulnerabilities from your applications.

Simply replace the application code here with your own application, run it through Slim.AI's automated container optimization process, and you'll remove up to 90% of the image's vulnerabilities.

Be sure to expose your 8080 port in the optimization wizard, and include the file-path /usr/local/go/src/unsafe!

No more chasing down hard to patch vulnerability that your application isn't even using.

Overall Results

Slimming this Go container results in a99% reduction in overall vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability difference by severity

Get Started

To start this Go application, all you will need is a running Docker daemon and a cloned version of this repository. Our sample application is a simple Hello-World go web server.

|- app
|-- Dockerfile
|-- go.mod
|-- main.go
|-- habitat
|---- default.toml
|---- hooks
|----- run

Replace this placholder code with your own application code, and install any necessary dependencies, to create your own slimmable container.

Sample Dockerfile

Our original Dockerfile builds off of the Go:19.1.2 image to create a the pre-hardened app.

FROM golang:1.19.2

WORKDIR /go/app

ADD . .

RUN go get .

CMD ["go", "run", "main.go"]