For Design Partners:

If you are a Design Partner with Slim, then you most likely have access to platform features that allow for your teams to effectively manage your containers. Once you have opted in to connecting a registry, you will have access to a new Dashboard experience.

Dashboard Experience

You can view your dashboard by clicking on the Dashboard link in the top left corner of our navigation menu. This general view will display the number of registries connected, the ratio of watched-to-unwatched repos, the ratio of watched-to-unwatched images based on their tags, and the total number of images we’ve scanned for you. This experience aims to be security-focused in order to highlight vulnerabilities over container composition.

You can view your Slim-secured repositories in a table on the Dashboard that gives you insight into the most recent time that your image was scanned, the vulnerability counts, and overall sizes.

Image Watching

If you add an image to your "Watched Images" list, you'll be able to continuously monitor the repository as the platform scans for vulnerabilities on a daily basis, or as often as you choose to view a container profile and ultimately run our multi-scanners. In order to do this, click on the plus sign within the secured repository table and use the modal that displays to target a specific image and its image tag.

Click "Start Watching" to keep that image on your radar! All Watched Images are listed in the Secured Images table.

Container vulnerability burndown charts

In addition to the many features we have available when clicking into a container image profile, you can view a vulnerability burndown chart in order to see how the vulnerability history has evolved over time.
To take a deeper dive into the other insights, such as viewing vulnerabilities by package, level of severity, specific CVE data, file layers, and Dockerfiles, continue on to read our documentation on Container Profiles and Vulnerability Scanning. From here, you can also begin the hardening process to generate a smaller, more secure container image better suited for use in production.

Slack Integration

If you're looking for your team to stay alerted about any changes in vulnerability counts over time, you can set up a Slack integration via our Organization settings.

Slim Slack App will request permission to gain access to your team's workspace in order to configure continuous monitoring and alerting systems that target Slack channels of your choice.

Select one or more channels to send Vulnerability Diff information to on a per-image:tag basis. You can continue to manage your integration from the Organization Settings.